Helping our Clients

Here’s a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients.

Case Study 1 - RiverLogic: Navigation with Data


River Logic, a leading predictive analytics vendor, needed a complex visualisation for their latest product. It needed to be reusable, configurable and have a high level of user interaction.


We worked closely with the client‘s development and design teams to rapidly build the module to exacting designs through a series of iterations. The result – a beautifully animated visualisation that combines dynamic navigation with live data.

Dynamic Data Navigation Visualisation


River Logic goes down a storm at the 2016 Gartner Supply Chain Conference in Phoenix:

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“The team at Vizarto did a superb job of accelerating our development around complex visualisations. They delivered on time and to a very high standard.”

Peter Bull (Chief Technology Officer - River Logic Inc.)

Case Study 2 - Traversable Shareholding Network


The client needed a visualisation component which could display a large network data structure as an interactive graph that supports navigation through the share-holding data.


We provided an implementation with an automated layout algorithm which simulates forces, node and edge collisions, and repulsion from boundaries. Parameters of the layout algorithm were optimised by analysing thousands of simulated layouts with a range of alternative parameter settings. In order to further improve layouts, we added interactive layout manipulation and node 'pinning'. For larger networks that cannot be displayed on a single page we also provided a draggable panning feature

Interative Network Visualisation Case Study


Success. The solution was delivered on time, configured to their exact requirements and integrated into their application.

Case Study 3 - Integrate to existing business intelligence tools


Generalised business intelligence can only do so much. QlikView for example has strong loading and data layer capabilities but its user interface has known limitations. How do you bring your QlikView applications up to date and give your audience an enhanced user experience in an easy and cost efficient way?


To demonstrate how easily we can integrate to existing BI tools we have created a suite of extensions for QlikView. The Vizarto extensions integrate fully to the Qlik data layer and the object properties and can be used exactly the same way as a native object. The difference is that the developer and user have many more look and feel and analysis options at their fingertips.


The developer can rapidly update and enhance existing reports. The user gets beautifully responsive, animated visualisations and an enhanced analysis capability with features such as inbuilt ad-hoc calculations. For more information on our Qlik extensions click here.

Learn More About our QlikView Extensions

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