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Why Vizarto?

Vizarto's Qlikview Extensions
Enhance QlikView
Engage users and enable quick calculations without downloading to a spreadsheet
Faster Development
More options allow you to get where you want faster and without workarounds
Fully Supported
Fully tested, documents and supported by our expert team
Easy Install
No Hardware
Easy to Install on Desktop and Server. Works with QlikView 12. No new hardware required.

Vizarto Extensions for QlikView add value from development to the end user experience

  • Maximise your QlikView Investment
  • Engage your users
  • Speed Development

Extensions that boost the look, feel and user interaction of QlikView

  • Enhanced User Interaction

    Enhanced User Interaction

    Interact with your data without having to access Qlik Properties. Vizarto allows you to rapidly reorder, colour and select data. Use the overview slider to navigate to points of interest with ease.

  • Ad Hoc Calculations

    Ad Hoc Calculations

    Select individual plots or ranges and carry out instant calculations without having to write Qlik expressions. Aggregate data into buckets in one click.

  • More Configuration

    More Options

    Configure your visualisations exactly as you want, from colours to font size to label angles to tick size. Advance options include conditionally label formatting.

What's included


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Vizarto Suite of Extensions for QlikView
User & Developer Documentation
Licence for Individual Personal Use
Standard Support
Licenced for Business Use
Additional Visualisation Extensions
Premium Support and Upgrades
Remove Logo/Own Logo
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